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Pepper Board

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Urban Food Culture

Shopping for authentic foods is largely the past time for members of the urban food culture. It stems from the desire to rediscover the basics as in food source. Suburbanites have been surrounded by shopping malls and Walmart. They long to know the true source of their food.

And, sometimes when they do discover it, they are more than surprised. They did not know that cheese comes from milk and milk comes from cows. Cheese actually has mold growing on it in order to arrive at a certain flavor.

They did not know that good bread has a real crusty crust and does not come out of the oven sliced.

They did not know that meat comes from an animal and you have to cook it not just order it.

They did not know that chicken noodle soup starts from chicken stock which requires boiling chicken.

And, they did not know that they could grow their own veggies, just by getting their hands dirty.
But now, with eyes wide open, they live, laugh and love and eat well.

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