Pepper Board

Pepper Board

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grocery Shopping ~ What's in the Bag?

Its always a hassle to think about what to pick up at the store before you head home. A simple yet well stocked pantry can help.  It just so happens that I have the same list as executive chef Eric Damidot. Here are what I/he consider(s) the top ten foods every kitchen should have. With these simple basics, you can cook up a simple tasty meal and you can also add any mean/fish to these items for a lovely dinner party.
2- Eggs
3- Garlic
4- Onions
5- Fresh herbs
6- Wines (white and red)
7- Heavy cream
8- Cheeses (soft and hard)
9- Pasta and Potatoes (yellow)
10 -Whole or canned crushed tomatoes

It is also a good idea to have on hand both olive oil and coconut oil.

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